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At Touch of the Sea we believe that everything is connected, everything is energy. Our holistic massages and healing are focused on Touch of the Senses, to give you a personal experience based on your needs. With all our treatments we can help you release tension and blockages, so your life energy can flow freely and you can experience deep relaxation and a sense of inner piece. We work with natural and organic products and oils.

We offer a variety of massage techniques, Thai Yoga Massage based on Ayurvedic principles, Holistic Massage, Intuitive Relaxation Massage and we are specialised in Hawaiian massages. All our Hawaiian massages are from different authentic lineages; Lua Lomi, Lomi Lomi and Opu Huli. We are trained by Kumu Amira Segal and Karin van Herwijnen of HALAU MALAMALAMA LOMILOMI in Amsterdam.


Thai Yoga Massage

From €60,- | massage of 60/75/90 minutes | Thamar Karpes

Thai Yoga Massage is one of the oldest healing systems based on personal constitution. The massage will be focused on your dosha and based on the 5 elements; ether, air, fire, water, and earth. In the massage rhythmic movements and pressure will be used on the pressure points of the body, combined with yoga stretches and breath. You don’t have to do anything yourself so you will experience a deep state of meditative relaxation and peace. The massage is given on a futon (on the ground) and you wear comfortable clothing. We don’t use any oil with this massage.


Intuitive Relaxation Massage or Holistic Massage

From €60,- | massage of 60/75/90 minutes | Thamar Karpes or Sebas Besseling

A conscious touch can relax the whole body. An intuitive and healing massage is a relaxing massage using warm, Ayurvedic essential oils. It is the ultimate way to relax the body and the mind, through this relaxing state of mind you will experience more consciousness and space to see what is asking your attention. To be in the present moment and to feel what you really need. It works on different levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will be able to release blockages, emotions and tension of the body.

Lua Lomi Massage

From €60,- | massage of 60/75/90 minutes | Thamar Karpes


Lua Lomi is a deep tissue massage and will open muscles and create more space in your body. Your bones will be realigned and any stiffness in the muscles and connective tissues will be released. The result of the deep tissue massage is energizing the whole body and a feeling of relaxation you have never experienced before. We use a special and unique massage technique which is authentic to Hawaii and is based on the water element (the human body exists of 70% or more water!). Lua Lomi is traditionally connected to Lua, the Hawaiian Martial Arts. It was used to heal the warriors from the battle field.

Lomi Lomi Aunty Maile style

From €60,- | massage of 60/75/90 minutes | Thamar Karpes

Lomi Lomi Aunty Maile Style is an authentic full body Hawaiian massage based on vibration techniques to calm down the central nervous system and to support drainage from the lymphatic system. The rhythmic vibration and squeeze techniques are used from the head all the way down to the feet and toes, including the stomach (Opu Huli) and helps the circulation of the body. Circulation promotes the overall health.

Opu Huli Massage (NEW)

From €40,- | massage of 30/60 minutes | Thamar Karpes or Sebas Besseling

Opu Huli is a traditional stomach massage. Opu Huli is a important component of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage Therapy. Opu=Stomach and Huli=turn, this type of bodywork is used to help digestion, elimination, peristalsis of the large intestine, relieve lower back ache, and facilitate homeostasis between sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

Energetic and Shamanic Healing

€125,- | session of 90 minutes | Thamar Karpes

Are you experiencing burnout symptoms, poor sleep and continuous stress? Have you experienced trauma in your life, have you lost loved ones by seperation of death? Removing and clearing heavy energy, soul retrieval en energetic healing will help you to reconnect yourself and to step back into your real power. An energetic healing session will start with an intake to have a better understanding about your intention. To create change in your life, you need to know yourself and get more insight in your blockages you have, (old) patterns, limiting beliefs and mechanisms. We work with different energies and tools which will help you balance and heal yourself.