Benefits of Business Yoga for your company:

  • Your workforce gets a performance and energy boost

  • Higher productivity of your team

  • Lower absence rate by stress release and burnout prevention

  • Higher employee retention and motivation

  • Promotion of a positive work environment and teamwork

  • Immediate return on investment

Benefits of Business Yoga for your employees:

  • More mental clarity, better focus and concentration

  • Increased energy, productivity and motivation

  • More body strength, stamina and flexibility

  • Reduction of chronic stress and burnout symptoms

  • More self awareness and consciousness

  • Better relationships and communication within teams and workspace


Touch of the Sea is not only a unique, small-scale location for corporate events, it is also a peaceful location that challenges to inspire and connect. A lovely place by the sea, with plenty of natural light. ' Let nature in '. Just because there are no chairs and tables present, a safe and sacred space is provided for personal development, awareness, the development of creativity and to deepen relationships. Do you want to give (business) trainings or coaching sessions in a distinctive location, in combination with, for example, yoga and mindfulness, a beach walk and catering? This is where the magic happens! At Touch of the Sea, we'd like to help you give your people a transformative experience. You can book the location separately (rent from a part of the day) and we like to help you design a full program. The location is well accessible by car and public transport.

We tailor a business program to your specific needs. With an international corporate background of more than 20 years, Thamar Karpes has an excellent business acumen and understands your business needs, challenges and speaks the language. Schedule a call with Thamar to discuss the opportunity and see how we can help you. We are experienced in yoga and mindfulness classes, workshops, corporate events and retreats.



Since our fast, 24x7, knowledge intensive working cultures require high levels of attention, mental clarity and focus, the role of the human mind is fundamental as the heart of every successful business lies in its people, their performance and motivation. Business yoga is your solution for an engaged, productive and healthy workforce. We develop and integrate tailor-made business yoga programs into your workplace. You will have an immediate return on investment on higher performance and productivity, lower absence rate and reduce the employee turnover rate. It is about creating the right environment for employees to blossom as professionals and as human beings.



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