Begin with Yoga

6 OCTOBER 2019

10 NOVEMBER 2019


This workshop is for you if you’re completely new to yoga or if you’ve tried one or two classes and really want to start with yoga. You will learn the foundations with yoga so you will feel confident taking a regular yoga class. In a 2,5 hour workshop we will cover the basic postures, breath and will also introduce you to meditation. Included in the price is 1 month unlimited yoga.



Begin with Yoga & 1 month unlimited yoga

We will start the workshop with meditation and the introduction of yoga from the beginning, looking at the basics of alignment and breath. We go through the basics of Vinyasa ‘flow’. Vinyasa means ‘to place in a special way’ and is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to create balance in the mind and body.

We start with Sun Salutations to build up strength in your core and upper body and continue practice with standing poses (warriors) in a flow. We will end the workshop with a long savasana for deep relaxation and integration of the postures into your body.

If you already have an subscription but you would like to repeat the foundation, you are welcome! Please ask for the conditions.

Dates: Sunday 6 October 2019 and 10 November 2016

Time: 2.30 p.m. until 5 p.m.



€ 50 beginners workshop including 1 month All You Can Yoga (unlimited).

Minimum number of participants: 4


Preparation for beginners course

In the yoga studio we have all yoga materials that you need: yoga mats, props like bolsters, blocks and straps.

  • Come in time, at least 15 minutes before start of the course.

  • Come with an open mind and a positive attitude

  • wear something you feel comfortable in and in which you can sweat (shorts/leggings/top/sports bra/t-shirt)

  • Bring a towel that fits a yoga mat

  • Bring an extra towel to shower after class

  • No use of perfumes or sprays in the changing rooms and studio

  • Drink plenty of water during the day and also after class, yoga will be easier when your body is well hydrated

  • It is best advised not to eat 2 hours before yoga class or eat a light snack like fruit or nuts.

  • Be ALWAYS proud of yourself that you take the time to come to yoga and take care of yourself!



Yoga Beginners workshop 2,5 hours including 1 month unlimited yoga. Please register as unpaid to receive confirmation and payment info (PIN or bank transfer)

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